ART3MIS successfully transitioned to the Solana Mainnet Beta April 2020. This journey with the Solana community has been a rich tapestry of challenges and learning, providing deep insights into the protocol's requirements for robustness and reliability. Early 2022, we embarked on comprehensive research with a singular aim: to seamlessly integrate top-tier performance with decentralization.

Global Colocation Research

Initially, our quest for the optimal colocation began in Asia. We traveled extensively, evaluating local data centers, assessing network quality, and verifying their reliability. However, it became evident that these locations might not provide the visibility we desired. Our focus then shifted to Europe, which offered more promising options, though we encountered challenges such as subpar data center services and high Autonomous System Number (ASN) concentrations. By the end of March, we secured our ideal colocation site in collaboration with renowned privacy advocates. This facility, boasting direct connections to submarine communications cables, prioritizes low latency and stringent security.


  • PCI DSS: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ensures the safe handling of cardholder information. It is crafted by the PCI Security Standards Council, which includes founders like American Express and Visa Inc.
  • SOC Type I: This report, governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), focuses on controls affecting financial reporting, ensuring service reliability and process integrity.
  • SOC Type II: Targeting data security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy, SOC 2 is essential for IT services, including data centers and cloud-based operations.
  • SOC Type III: SOC reports boost trust in companies by independently verifying internal controls, security, and compliance. They increase transparency for customers, investors, and regulators. SOC 3 is a public-facing summary of an organization's internal controls regarding the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria, offering assurance on non-financial data handling and IT systems without revealing sensitive details.

These certifications meet the stringent requirements of multiple institutional investors.

Advanced Hardware Configuration

Our infrastructure employs Juniper switches optimized for high-frequency trading (HFT) environments, interconnected via Virtual Chassis technology. This setup not only enhances fault tolerance but also maximizes availability through advanced redundancy mechanisms. Our switches connect directly to the DC Core, minimizing latency.

We leverage overclocked 4th Generation AMD EPYC 9004 9274F CPUs and distribute Solana's components across Micron Enterprise data-center NVMe drives, designed for intense I/O scenarios. Our rack architecture features a dedicated 10Gb/s connection with enterprise-grade SFP+ communication across all devices.

Ongoing Development

While this deployment marks a significant milestone, it is just one part of our ongoing commitment to the Solana colocation project. With plans for continuous improvements, our aim is to maintain a state-of-the-art facility that exceeds typical requirements.

Active from Epoch 601 [April 12, 2024]

The purpose of this overview is to acquaint you with ART3MIS.CLOUD’s operations and ambitions. This page will be regularly updated with additional details, metrics, and technical data for those interested in deeper insights.